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The FDA commissioned a study from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) on the safety, effectiveness and use of compounded bio-identical hormone therapy (cBHT or cBHRT). The NASEM committee has suggested restricting use of cBHT to patients with allergies to FDA-approved drugs, despite the fact that many FDA-approved therapies may not meet the dosing needs of all patients.

To keep Compounding Pharmacies available to all those who rely on compounding to have access to medications that are unique to the patients specific needs, whether that is specific dosing requirement or allergen free medications, If you are taking or have taken compounded hormone therapy please take the time to share your experiences by providing a testimonial at The more information we can gather, and the more detailed it is, the better we can support the millions of patients who rely on cBHT.


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ITC Compounding Pharmacy was established in 1994. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality compounded medications. We use only the finest quality of ingredients in their purest form. Our state-of-the art equipment, quality assurance, customer service, and experienced staff, make us a premier source for customized medications. At ITC, all medications are made for our patients specifically from doctor’s orders to ensure correct dosage forms and delivery methods. As a compounding-only pharmacy, we work very closely with our providers to develop treatment options and protocols that provide optimal results. We listen to you and will work with you and your healthcare provider to address your specific needs to achieve optimal results.

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