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Allan Jolly R.Ph NMD

Zinc and COVID

This video is a little technical but you can start watching at 3:40 to see how Zinc blocks the enzyme required to replicate the virus. …
Allan Jolly R.Ph NMD

Help Us Save Compounding and Natural Hormone Replacement!

Save Compounded Hormone Therapies!   The FDA commissioned a study from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) on the safety, effectiveness and…
Allan Jolly R.Ph NMD

July Newsletter 2020

Essential Nutrients to Slow the Progression of Viral Infection   When it comes to nutrients, the word “essential” means that you need it but your…
Allan Jolly R.Ph. NMD

GI Health

A healthy GI tract is perhaps the most important thing for your health. Are you experiencing any of the following?: Indigestion Gas or Bloating after…



Immune Health

GI Support