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This video is a little technical but you can start watching at 3:40 to see how Zinc blocks the enzyme required to replicate the virus.  Simply put, Zinc will block the RNA dependent RNA polymerase enzyme (replicase) that is required for the virus to multiply but it has to get inside the cell to do that.  An “ionophore” is a molecule that opens a channel in the cell wall for the Zinc to get into the cell.  That’s how Hydroxychloroquine works, it is an ionophore for Zinc which lets Zinc into the cell to block replicase.  There are other ionophores for Zinc like Quercetin or EGCG that is in Green Tea Extract.  The key is to prevent the viral replication early so that it does not trigger the Cytokine Storm that kills people.


So, take your Zinc (~30-50mg/day) along with some Quercetin or Green Tea Extract to get it into the cell.


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