Fizzy Cal-Min—-See Cal/Mag Citrate

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This Product has been discontinued. Please see Cal/Mag Citrate by Thorne as the replacement.

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What is it used for?
Helps Support Bone Health*


What are the major ingredients?

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 1000 IU
Calcium (elemental, from calcium citrate) 600mg
Magnesium (elemental, from magnesium citrate) 300mg
Zinc (elemental, from zinc citrate) 22.5mg
Selenium (elemental from selenium amino acid chelate) 10mcg
Chromium (elemental, from chromium amino acid chelate) 10mcg
Molybdenum (elemental, from molybdenum amino acid chealte) 1mcg
Potassium (elemental, from potassium citrate) 50mg
Glycine 500mg
Boron (elemental, from boron citrate) 3mg
Vanadium (elemental, from vanadium amino acid chelate) 10mcg


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