Moducare #180

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Moducare #180 Capules
Immune Support

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Moducare 180 capsules
Moducare is a patented blend of plant sterolins in a clinically proven ratio of 100:1 that works to restore, stengthen and balance your body’s immune system. Take Moducare daily and adopt healthy lifestyle habits so you and your famiy can keep your immune system strong and enjoy vibrant health.
Ingredients per capsules:
Moducare Proprietry Blend 20.2 mg
Plant Sterols 20 mg
(from Pinus Maritima & Pinus Pinaster)
Plant Sterolins 0.2 mg
(from Pinus Maritima & Pinus Pinaster)

Other ingredients: Rice flour, magnesium silicate, vegetable cellulose, water, vegetable glycerin and silicon.

Suggested use:
As a food supplement, take one capsule 3 times daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. For optimal absorption, take one half hour before meals, on an empty stomach. Do not take with animal fats (including milk) because they inhibit absorption.

Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing, a diabetic, an organ transplant recipient or have multiple sclerosis, do not use unless on the advice of and under the direct supervision of a health care professional.

Contains NO: soy, sugar, acacia, barley, wheat, corn, millet, lactose, yeast, gluten, artificial sweetners, artificial colorings, salicylates or preservatives.

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