OptiMag 125 #240 caps

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  • Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • Supports Healthy Muscle Function/Healthy Nerve Conduction
  • Supports Bone Health
  • Supports Energy Production
  • May Support Healthy Glucose Metabolism


Magnesium, the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body, plays a role in over 300 metabolic processes. It participates in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth; the metabolism of carbohydrates, blood glucose, fats, and proteins; the formation of cells and tissues; and the maintenance of muscle function, including cardiac muscle. OptiMag® 125 contains Albion®’s TRAACS® magnesium lysinate glycinate (mineral amino acid chelate) and Albion’s chelated dimagnesium malate—both formulated for enhanced absorption. Malic acid (from di-magnesium malate) supports energy production and lactic acid clearance via the Krebs cycle. Malic acid may also support antioxidant systems by enhancing glutathione and antioxidant enzymes.*

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 120

Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate Chelate, a mineral amino acid
chelate in which magnesium is bound to two amino acids, creates
a complex that is more readily absorbed across the intestinal wall.
Since the body can efficiently absorb dipeptides (two amino acids
linked together), Albion’s TRAACS® magnesium lysinate glycinate is an
excellent delivery system for magnesium. In general, Albion TRAACS
patented mineral amino acid chelates are resistant to competitive
minerals, do not weaken the action of vitamins, and pose a smaller
risk of overdosing.*[1] Di-Magnesium Malate, the other chelate in OptiMag 125, contains
69% malate (malic acid). Each capsule of OptiMag 125 supplies
approximately 400 mg of malic acid. Malic acid was chosen because
it forms complexes with magnesium.[2] Magnesium and malate play
critical roles in energy production under aerobic conditions or when
oxygen is lacking.[3] Malic acid also appears to exert a protective effect
by binding aluminum.*[4] Magnesium, the fourth most abundant mineral in the body,
participates in about 300-350 enzymatic reactions in nearly all
tissues. Deficiency is common and results from poor dietary
intake, poor absorption, and excessive losses through urine, stool,
perspiration, or lactation. Certain drugs, certain herbs, poor kidney
function, excessive alcohol intake, and drinking mostly “soft” water
can contribute to magnesium depletion as well.*[5] Magnesium’s role in the clinical applications cited above is quite
well established. Beyond these commonly recognized applications,
researchers have demonstrated that magnesium can support cytokine
balance and decrease sensitivity to oxidative stress.[6] An analysis
of the results of a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
(NHANES) suggested that children who consumed less than 75%
of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for magnesium were
58% more likely to have elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) levels.[7] Magnesium’s role in modulating CRP and supporting the body’s
normal response to inflammation may be significant. In addition,
although underlying mechanisms remain unclear, it appears that men
who consume diets rich in magnesium are able to maintain healthy
gallbladder function.[8] Adequate magnesium intake indeed has strong,
far-reaching health benefits.*[9] Bone Health Support Cardiovascular Support Joint & Muscle Support Sports Nutrition Multivitamins & Minerals
S1. Albion, TRAACS and the Albion Medallion design are registered trademarks
of Albion Laboratories, Inc. Malate covered by U.S. Patent 6,706,904 and patents
All XYMOGEN® Formulas Meet or Exceed cGMP Quality Standards.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

(as Albion® di-magnesium malate and TRAACS®
magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate)

250 mg 60%

Malic Acid (as Albion® di-magnesium malate)

828 mg **



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