REST(ful) Spearmint 1200mg CBD Tincture 1fl oz

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For best results:

  • Adults take one full dropper (0.5mL) up to two times daily.
  • Take daily, morning and/or evening, and adjust your regimen as needed for best results for you.
  • Apply oil directly under the tongue, being careful not to touch your mouth to the dropper, and let rest under your tongue for thirty seconds before swallowing.


Sometimes all you need is a moment to relax, and other times you might need more. Rest easy with the natural benefits of organic spearmint leaf oil and organic coconut MCT oil combined with full spectrum CBD oil to add a powerful component to your nighttime routine.

Our spearmint hemp extract oil gives you more than just CBD oil. Like all of our products, we combine high quality hemp extract with powerful, organic botanical ingredients to help your body and mind stay balanced. With full spectrum hemp extract and organic spearmint leaf oil, KYOTO BOTANICALS REST(ful) Spearmint Tincture helps your body and mind become more relaxed as you unwind from your day.*

We only use the finest ingredients in our products to deliver a high-quality experience for everyone. KYOTO BOTANICALS REST(ful) Spearmint Tincture only includes:

  • Single source hemp extract that is tested once in the field and once after extraction to ensure purity and quality. Our products are then tested a third time after we make them so that you can trust what you buy is what is in the bottle we deliver to you.
  • Organic coconut MCT oil derived 100% from Virgin Organic Coconut oil, not Palm oil.
  • Organic spearmint oil rather than artificial flavors to deliver flavor with benefits.


  • Hemp extract
  • Organic coconut MCT oil
  • Organic spearmint leaf oil

Additional Information:

  • Full spectrum hemp extract made from Colorado grown hemp with a variety of beneficial hemp compounds, including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids extracted using cryo-cooled ethanol as an extracting solvent and end-to-end cryo conditions to achieve true full spectrum oil profiles.
  • 1200mg – 20mg CBD per serving, 1200mg per bottle.
  • 60 servings per bottle.
  • Mixed and bottled by hand, by us, in our facility in Longmont, Colorado.


Kyoto Botanicals

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